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Beautify the Interiors

Whether it is a new home or an old home, the best way to beautify its interiors is to add a false ceiling. False ceilings can change the total appearance of the room. As it changes the dimensions of the room, the room attains a totally changed look.


False ceilings are also helpful in hiding the wires and cables that are attached to your roof. In older buildings, if there has been leakage problems and subsequently repaired, a false ceiling will hide those ugly marks too.


If you want to add some beautiful hidden lighting in your house, a false ceiling is a must. You can’t get a good false ceiling done by anyone. You need an expert false ceiling contractor like Sin Siang Huat Renovation to do the work.


We not only provide you with quality false ceilings, we also will bring to you the most modern and attractive designs for it. Our expert team constantly update themselves with the most modern technology and designs.



Painting your homes is a way to add beauty to them. After a few years, even the most beautiful and well-done painting start to fade or peel. Painting not just helps beautify but also protects your walls. There are so many varieties of paints today to beautify your walls. SSHreno will give you the best painting services Singapore can offer.


Your house will be like any other house if the interiors are left as it is. The interiors of a house are not just beautifying additions. They speak your personality. The one way to show your personality to your guests is by doing the interior decoration in your style.


While our designers can provide you with the most modern interior design ideas, we wish to hear your ideas first. This will help us to understand your style and personality. Once we have understood what you need, then we will suggest our ways of how to achieve what you want.


As we always put the customer's interest first, we have been successful in earning ourselves the honor of being the best interior designers in Singapore. Our designs have been praised by whoever had the chance to see them.


Our clients will tell you that SSHreno can give the best interior design Singapore has. They will vouch for our quality and skills. We are also trying to break our own records when it comes to quality of work and beauty of the design.