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We Are the Best People to Beautify Your Homes

Everyone likes to have their homes to have a different look after a few years. People get bored with the same thing. This is one reason why people go for renovating their houses. Another reason is that over the years the house may also develop some problems which need to be rectified. Sometimes these are problems that will need a major repair. While such a repair is being undertaken it is better to renovate completely so that all the problems can be solved in one go.


A good renovation company should be good in all aspects of a house construction. They should have a good design team to take care of the appearance of the house. They should also be able to take care of other problems like the electrical work, painting, carpentry etc. Handing over all the job to one person is better because you don’t have to deal with too many people. If there is one company that can handle all these in the most professional way, it is Sin Siang Huat Renovation. We are the best in HDB renovation Singapore has.


Due to our experience in the field, we have the sources to get the best raw materials at the right price. This means that the cost will be reasonable for you. We also have the best designers and contractors who will complete the job perfectly within the committed time. We can assure you that once the work is complete you will move into a house that is not just good to look at but also exudes positive energy. It is better to hand over the job to the number one renovation contractors Singapore has got and get the work done as per your satisfaction.


It is not enough to just get the paint and brush it on your walls. Painting is a much more technical work that includes taking care of your walls. Sin Siang Huat Renovation has highly trained people who can rightly assess your walls for moisture or water seepage problems and solve them before the painting is done. We can give suggestions on the best paint that will suit your walls. The outside wall needs protection from rain and sun, and we can do that with the right paint.


If you need color suggestions for your interiors, our color consultant will help you with selecting colors that will make your house even more beautiful. We provide the best painting services Singapore has.

How to Bring Grandeur to Your Dear Home?

The place we spend our lives in, our home, determines our living standards and make an impression on others that are a part of our peer group, our society that we share the common space with. If our home is a cramped little space, with no proper space management, and crooked pictures hung on the wall, it is sure to deliver a negative impact on anyone who pays a visit to us.


While an organized house, studded with images of perfection and elegance are sure to impress everyone with its charm. Every piece of furniture in the house should be in accordance with your style, and should contribute in making the place appear well managed, and not clumsy and chaotic. Since very house is unique, the furniture should also be different. Sin Siang Huat offers custom carpentry Singapore so that no desire of yours fails to show up against the wall you had imagined it to be.


The major contributor in a house’s interior designing is the color of the walls and the roof. It is known that the colors of surroundings influence our moods and that certain colors bring happiness, while some others bring gloom when always been surrounded by. Sin Siang Huat Renovation brings you the house painting services Singapore that are sure to leave you totally happy and content with the appearance of your dear abode. They make sure that all colors are in perfect sync with each other and nothing looks out of the place. If you want your walls to be painted with the colors of your imagination, SSH Renovation is the perfect choice for you.


The color and design of the furniture should also comply with the interior of your house. These include the wall color, the space available, and the usage of space done on a regular basis. Sin Siang Huat renovation has expert designers and craftsmen who will create the perfect wooden piece to fit the space and all your needs, and matching with the surroundings simultaneously.


The custom carpentry Singapore offered by them will make sure that no corner is overburdened and every aspect of the house is perfectly symmetric. The unique designs of the furniture created as per your spaces will never look apart from the house and mingle without leaving behind any disturbance. SSH Renovation is the ideal way to embellish the interior of your dear home.

Find Qualified and Good Electrician Singapore

There are times when you require certain services for your household. Ensuring the best quality services is quite essential to get the ultimate work done. If you search for good electrician Singapore, then you should look for licensed one. This is because the best service provider would help to provide the right quality work without delay. The best electrician would not take much time to diagnose the problem where it would really serve the best purpose. They would make you get the perfect idea about the problem and the quotation so as to make you fully aware of it. If you approach Sin Siang Huat Renovation, it would be possible to get ultimate services and that too at cost-effective price. Our electricians are certified and have also got the best experiences in carrying out the work in a diligent manner. So, your high expectations from us would never lead to any sort of disappointment at all. Therefore you can find our reliable services to be quite efficient in providing the right solution for your electrical problem.


Even when you search for the perfect House Painting Singapore, you can count on our services. Our award-winning services would provide the ultimate work as per your requirement. You can try to look forward to a free consultation with our experts. This would help to discuss your ultimate requirement where we would make sure to provide the right solutions. We have got renovation contractors, false ceiling contractors, carpentry services, etc. So, finding all important and useful services is possible from us under a single roof. If you make a perfect plan to contact us, we would surely make it possible to provide useful services. Therefore you should definitely make your best effort to avail our perfect services without fail.



You can find the right HDB Renovation Singapore by choosing our services. It would help to get the ultimate services where we make use of our modern equipment to provide quality work. Therefore opting for the best services from us would definitely help to meet your expectation level. We would be able to provide you with the right estimate that would never disappoint you at all. We also assure of the best customer service to provide the right support. Once serious steps are taken to get hold of our services, you would definitely get the perfect solution with the help of our reliable team.

Source: http://sshreno.com.sg/services/electrical-contractor-services-singapore

Beautify the Interiors

Whether it is a new home or an old home, the best way to beautify its interiors is to add a false ceiling. False ceilings can change the total appearance of the room. As it changes the dimensions of the room, the room attains a totally changed look.


False ceilings are also helpful in hiding the wires and cables that are attached to your roof. In older buildings, if there has been leakage problems and subsequently repaired, a false ceiling will hide those ugly marks too.


If you want to add some beautiful hidden lighting in your house, a false ceiling is a must. You can’t get a good false ceiling done by anyone. You need an expert false ceiling contractor like Sin Siang Huat Renovation to do the work.


We not only provide you with quality false ceilings, we also will bring to you the most modern and attractive designs for it. Our expert team constantly update themselves with the most modern technology and designs.



Painting your homes is a way to add beauty to them. After a few years, even the most beautiful and well-done painting start to fade or peel. Painting not just helps beautify but also protects your walls. There are so many varieties of paints today to beautify your walls. SSHreno will give you the best painting services Singapore can offer.


Your house will be like any other house if the interiors are left as it is. The interiors of a house are not just beautifying additions. They speak your personality. The one way to show your personality to your guests is by doing the interior decoration in your style.


While our designers can provide you with the most modern interior design ideas, we wish to hear your ideas first. This will help us to understand your style and personality. Once we have understood what you need, then we will suggest our ways of how to achieve what you want.


As we always put the customer's interest first, we have been successful in earning ourselves the honor of being the best interior designers in Singapore. Our designs have been praised by whoever had the chance to see them.


Our clients will tell you that SSHreno can give the best interior design Singapore has. They will vouch for our quality and skills. We are also trying to break our own records when it comes to quality of work and beauty of the design.

Specialist and Exceptional Interior Designing, Carpenters and Electricians Services in Singapore

We all very naturally prefer the best things and services in our lives and we are all very conscious about the look of our house and the products we use and keeping everything in order is our most important criteria. We all live in our personal homes and the look of the rooms and the design we use in the interior is not only what makes us happy but also it gives a very good impression. Besides that the hotels, restaurants, offices and various other commercial establishments actually gets more attention based on the look of their interiors and the designs.


The designs and the various other arrangements actually give a very good understanding about the owner and his/her standard of living and in most of the cases it is always better to engage a professional agency for the purpose of interior designing. We deliver the best interior design Singapore and all our designs are very creative and exceptionally unique and are done by our most specialist and experienced employees who are trained for many years with much refined and extraordinary talent to avail the most lucrative designs. Being very much successful we are very much in demand and have done some of the most exclusive designs which are very much demanded by many others.


Besides that our good carpenters in Singapore is the most outstanding service since we are very well equipped with the latest machinery and very high technology for getting the most advance and creative styles and designs. We take up domestic and commercial contracts and based on the requirements and suitable designs we deliver the most outstanding and unique furniture making which is our most extraordinary and advanced service since we believe in making a difference.


We have a very good reputation in the market and all our carpenters are very much skilled with many years of expertise and experience in the profession. We being many decades in the market are very much in demand and we have many regular customers who are very much satisfied with our dedicated and sincere services.



We have also been dealing in the best and good electrician Singapore and we have handled many services with very neat and wonderful job delivered to many people and we are highly praised due to our exceptional performances. All our services are reliable and our rates are also very reasonable with the best discounts and offer which are the best in the market.